1/64 Dually Ranch Body Kit

TractorFab Ranch Body Kit
SKU: 190
Price: $29.50

Dually Ranch Style body, designed to fit on most 1/64 pickup frames.  Made from brass, kit includes main body with tread plate pattern on deck, 4 tool box covers, cab guard, optional rear towing hitch, and optional gooseneck hitch.  Main body sides fold down and fit in keyed slots on bottom flange for rigidity after building.  Includes frame standoff for mounting to chassis.


Rear hitch can be left off, made "to scale", or made to match most 1/64 pull implements.


Gooseneck hitch has removable treadplate cover.  Gooseneck plate has hole to fit most 1/64 scale implements.  Or leave out and install treadplate cover perminately.


Cab guard includes see through window - TractorFab logo can be faced in or out.  TractorFab logo will not be included on the recessed hitch pocket.


Skill Level 3



Instructions Below!



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